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Kiten is one of the most attractive sites on the southern Black sea coast, where the forestry Strandja spurs are reflecting in the crystal clear sea debris.

The romance is in the picturesque nature and the two cozy beaches: the northern- Atliman and the southern- Karaagach. Between then inside the sea is jutting a small peninsula with the mystic name Urdoviza.

The resort is situated in the south- eastern part of Bulgaria on the sea side, 55 kilometers south- east of Bourgas and just five kilometers south of Primorsko. It is based on the northern mouth of Karaagach River (Kiten River), and a small part of the town is on the small peninsula Urdoviza.


Villa "Gergana" Kiten beach resort str. Strandzha 14 phone +359 550 360 15 mobile: +359 887 202 592 e-mail: villa_gergana@abv.bg